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I have 3 networks: and are connected to each other through an IPSec tunnel, and and are connected to each other in the same way.

[ ] <--------> [ ] <--------> [ ]

I am on my local machine on the 1.0/24 subnet, and I am trying to set-up routing for the 50.0/24 subnet, using the router at 11.0/24 as the next-hop address. Routing is set-up as follows:

ip route add via
    (this route is unnecessary as the router handles this implicitly)
ip route add via
    (At this point, I get: RTNETLINK answers: No such process)

Am I doing some command incorrectly, or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way this routing works?

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The gateway address MUST be on the local network. That is, your system must be able to directly communicate with any gateway you specify.

What you probably want/need is this.

ip route add via
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