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I would like to use a combination of an ELB and AutoScaling for a web application. For upgrades to the web application that don't involve changing the database, I can simply rotate all the instances in the AG with an updated image, etc.

However, if we have an upgrade with a database migration, I believe I will need to redirect all traffic to a static page while we are performing the migration.

What is the recommended way to handle these situations? Should I use an additional proxy in front of the ELB and point it to a server with the static page during the ugprade?

As you can tell I don't have a systems background, so forgive my ignorance.

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Are you talking about upgrading/patching the database host or making changes to the database itself or maybe migrating to a new DB host? I am not sure what you mean so this is hard to answer. –  Nathan V Nov 28 '12 at 11:35
Are you using RDS? If you are, I can tell you a slick way to do this –  Alex Jun 27 at 0:57
Yes, we are using RDS. –  akoumjian Jun 27 at 4:15
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