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I am trying this example to set up spamassassin via procmail globally. It successfully adds the X-Spam headers, but it does not move messages to the spam mboxes.

However, using this example locally, at each user's .procmailrc file, does work (commenting out, as instructed, DROPPRIVS=yes).

I guess this is related to file permissions, but I'm lost about how to fix it. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Following tripleee's suggestion, I enabled logging with the following results:

# cat /var/log/proclog 
procmail: Assigning "DROPPRIVS=yes"
procmail: Assuming identity of the recipient, VERBOSE=off
procmail: Lock failure on "spamassassin.lock"
procmail: Lock failure on "almost-certainly-spam.lock"
procmail: Error while writing to "almost-certainly-spam"
procmail: Lock failure on "probably-spam.lock"
procmail: Error while writing to "probably-spam"
From  Sun Feb 12 06:12:44 2012
  Folder: /var/mail/user    
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Please add VERBOSE=yes and post the log output of a sample run. – tripleee Feb 10 '12 at 7:26
Thanks for your suggestion (I didn't know about VERBOSE=yes...). I have included the resulting log entry. I believe procmail is trying to create/update the files almost-certainly-spam and probably-spam in the directory /var/mail/user (which is actually the fresh-mails mbox), instead of in user's home directory. – ezequiel-garzon Feb 12 '12 at 3:21
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For the record I'm answering this, but the credit goes to tripleee for his suggestion. Adding the following line (or similar) in /etc/procmailrc fixes the issue:

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