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We have an issue where occasionally over time, a Perfmon counter set will stop. We are looking for a way to monitor if a particular counter set is running, does anyone know of a way to do this? We use Nagios for basic alerting but we have another monitoring tool that can run executable vbscrips, batch files, wmi queries, ect.

Does anyone have a way to verify if a perfmon set is running or stopped? We'd rather not have to audit 120 servers manually.

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If you're just looking for a way to check if a PerfMon Counter is running, have you checked into Logman? A simple logman query will show you the status of all of the counters on a system.

However, if you want to take the next step and automatically restart stopped counters, you might find this handy:

@echo off
set COUNTER_LIST=("LogA" "LogB" "SoForth")
for %%i in %COUNTER_LIST% do logman start %%i

That's a simple .bat script which will automatically restart all PerfMon Counters named in COUNTER_LIST. If a counter is already running, logman start delightfully does nothing.

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