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I have 2 blade chassis, with 2 built-in fibre-channel switches each.

And I inherited a "budget" fibre-channel switch with a 4-domain fabric license.

I need a reality check, please:

When I connect each of the 4 built-in switches with an ISL to the "budget" switch, that would create a fabric with 5 switches. Then I would assume that the fabric will only allow 4 switches (i.e., domains) on the fabric, correct?

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Sounds like Brocade. If it is, a "4 domain" license will allow four switches (anything with a "Domain ID" setting) in the fabric. So yes, you are correct.

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yes, it's a re-branded Brocade. Gotta love those schemes were they separate sales features from tech features. – Florenz Kley Feb 9 '12 at 19:08

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