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Using HAProxy, I want to create the following setup:

  • All requests except root (/), /articles and /blogs go to server1
  • All requests for root (/), /articles and /blogs go to server2

I can't figure out how to match root without relying on setting the default server, which then negates the all requests go to server1 rule.

How can I express the above using HAProxy?

A regex may be the solution to this, but I'm not great with regex so it has been difficult to come up with a solution based on it.

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The answer to this was astoundingly simple of course. The ACL needed to regex match ^$|^/$|^/articles|^/blogs

Below is my conf:

  pidfile  /var/run/

  mode  http
  option  httplog
  option  dontlognull
  option http-server-close
  retries 1
  maxconn 1024
  contimeout  15000
  clitimeout  60050
  srvtimeout    1200000

frontend www
  bind :80

  acl is_for_server2 path_reg ^$|^/$|^/articles|^/blogs

  use_backend server2 if is_for_server2

  default_backend server1

backend server1
  option forwardfor
  server server1 maxconn 1500

backend blade5
  option forwardfor
  server blade5 maxconn 1500
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a request for /blogstuff would go to server2, whereas OP may have intended such a request would go to server1. To fix, the path_reg could be expanded to: ^$|^/$|^/articles/|^/articles$|^/blogs/|^/blogs$ – user252453 Nov 5 '14 at 12:47

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