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I am trying to configure and OpenLDAP server on Ubuntu 10.04 to use a mysql database as its datasource. I am following the guides about the back-sql and realize that in order to map mysql schema with ldap schme i need to use the metadata mapping tables.

ldap_oc_mappings, ldap_attr_mappings ldap_entries, ldap_entry_objclasses and ldap_referrals

However most samples indicates database and ldap server being on the same location. Is it possible to create and use the mapping tables in a different database from the datasource i want to map with OpenLDAP? (in a different host database server e.g. in the LDAP server host)


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OpenLDAP rely on ODBC for connecting to the MySQL, you should configure in /etc/odbc.ini something like:

driver = MySQL
Database = database_name
Server =
User = username
Password = mypassword

Change the Server attribute.

As a side note: since ODBC configuration may vary on different distributions, take always a look at the documentation shipped with your OpenLDAP and odbc package available in /usr/share/doc/*

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Thank you for the answer. In the config file can i reference one database containing the metadata mapping tables and one database containing my user data? Is OpenLDAP capable of retrieving data from multiple databases? – fga Feb 10 '12 at 12:58
As far I can remember, unfortunately it supports only a single datasource. – Giovanni Toraldo Feb 14 '12 at 7:28

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