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I'm using exim4 with a catchall router to forward mail to a java process. The java process users are the valid recipients. I'm trying to reduce the amount of spam routed to the java process by whitelisting the users in exim.

I have tried this in my config file:


  deny message = invalid recipient
  domains = thedomain.com
  recipients = !/etc/exim4/recipients_whitelist

Along with about a billion other things. I have verified that if I rewrite the condition as just deny or deny recipients = foobar@thedomain.com the message is rejected but I cannot get the whitelisting approach to work. I have also tried inverting the logic to accept the whitelisted users but that does not work either.

Here is my router:

  driver = accept
  transport = dev_null_transport
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If some recipients are white-listed and others denied - that's quite not a catch all. Use router like the one below and let the standard ACL recipient verification do the job.

  driver = accept
  domains = thedomain.com
  local_parts = /etc/exim4/java_local_parts
  transport = java_pipe
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