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I see

alt text

where I have two windows open in Screen's split.

I would like to increase the zise of the window at the bottom by

Ctrl-A [number] +

similarly as you can do in Vim.

I did not find a solution by Google.

How can you increase the size of the window in Screen?

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From man screen, which is really what you need to read if you want to do any screen hacking:


Resize the current region. The space will be removed from or  added  to
the  region below or if there's not enough space from the region above.

       resize +N   increase current region height by N

       resize -N   decrease current region height by N

       resize  N   set current region height to N

       resize  =   make all windows equally high

       resize  max maximize current region height

       resize  min minimize current region height

screen isn't vim - trying to copy the exact same keybindings will give you some funky behaviour. In this case, it'd just be a real PITA.

 bind -c resize24 + resize +24
 bind -c resize24 - resize -24
 bind -c resize24 ^M resize 24
 bind -c resize2 4 command -c resize24
 bind 2 command -c resize2

You'd have to do that for every number that you wanted to use. So don't do that. Learn to use ^A:resize, instead.

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@rampion: Thank you for your answer and for the tip about the manual! – Masi Jul 4 '09 at 18:49

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