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I would like to know the amount of time that I need to wait to attach and ebs of 200Gb to my instance. I expenting too much time in comparision with other times and smallers ebs. Does the size of the ebs affects in the time of attaching?


Post at AWS Forum informing of that problem.

I found something interesting, if I attach this volume to a large instance it gets attached in just a second, but if I use micro instance, it never ends... curious isn't it?

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Once the EBS volume has been created, you can attach it to an instance immediately.

Instead of waiting a specific amount of time between attaching the volume to the instance and attempting to use the volume on the instance, I recommend simply waiting for the device to show up (e.g., /dev/xvdh or /dev/sdh). This generally means that it's ready to use.

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Yes, I think there is some kind of problem in my availability zone, because I attached the volume and after 8 hours is still attaching, and I can't find in /dev/sdg I posted a msg in the forum, and it has been reported to the service team. – enedebe Feb 12 '12 at 10:23
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I've found a solution for that problem, change the mount point to another one.

In my case I tried /dev/sdg with no succeed. After change it for /dev/sdh everything works.

I suppose that the reason why it works in large instance is that they use other mount point (/dev/sdf in the micro-instance this mount point is being used).

I hope this could help others ;)

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