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We are a small office set up with two PC's out of which one of my PCs runs 24hrs. Its almost equivalent to a small server, but right now we're in need of a server which is why I am planning to keep my machine as well as a server into a single PC.

I've used VMware Workstation to create a powerful Windows Server 2008 within my PC and I want to attach it to my Network Switch through the same PC where I am hosting it. I want to use it almost like a physical server with an IP address and everything so that I can connect from one Pc to the Server directly or my applications can connect to Server straight with the IP address.

How should I do this? Step by step instructions would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance, Best regards Nelson

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In the VM settings make sure the Virtual NIC is using a VMWare network that is in bridged mode. Then give your virtual machine a static IP inside Windows like you normally would for a physical server.

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It varies slightly depending on the version of VMWare Workstation you are using, but:

  • Make sure it's set up as "Bridged" and NOT "NAT" or some other setting.
  • This will present your server on the network "raw" as if it was just another computer on the network, so you can set it up just as if it was a physical computer (DHCP, static IP Address, etc.)

If you move the VM to another computer, keep the same MAC address and it will just be like moving a physical computer.

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