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I'm running Node.js. But for some reason, requests are not being caught by the server. (

Is there any way to check if there's an HTTP request coming in? Ideally, I want to run something that will "listen" for HTTP request, and then prints them as they come in, along with the URl of that http request (if possible)

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The standard tool would just be to install and run tcpdump.

A capture filter like this. tcpdump -qn -s 0 -A port 80 would capture and print the every packet destined for port 80 on that system. See the man pages, tcpdump is extremely flexible.

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I like Zoredache's answer of tcpdump as it is really a standard tool, you can also try out ngrep.

First you install it with:

apt-get install ngrep

Then you can use it to filter network streams looking for certain keywords like GET.

ngrep -W byline 'GET' 'port 80'
  • -W byline is here to make it look prettier
  • GET is the keyword we are looking for
  • port 80 can be replaced with bpf expression (e.g. ones used with tcpdump)
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