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i don't understand the problem in this query, when I make a query with a condition of category_id = 'XX' the query take MINUTES to execute, but the same query without filter by category_id take 0.09 seconds, and the category_id is an int(11) Unsigned INDEX..

Here is my tables:


The ONLY difference is the filter by category_id.. I don't find the slow performance problem filtering by this field.. What may be the possible problem?


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This is because you use LIMIT 0,30
Your request without category_id = 'XX' find the first 30 values very fast.
Your request with category_id = 'XX' have to dig into your tables to find 30 rows (probably because you don't have a lot of 'xx').

If you remove LIMIT 0,30 your 2 requests will have about the same run lenght.

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