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I have installed webmin as control panel for my server i have created new domain with it i have installed nginx as web server nginx is unable to read files from the domain directory created by webmin. I changed the directory permission to 777 then nginx is reading files from that directory

also user of one website is able to see files in another website once i set that permission how to set user not look beyond his directory

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If you set the permissions to 777 then every user will be able to see, execute, and write to that directory.

You might need to look up how permissions work in the first place in order to properly map this out, then find out how your programs are running (what user context.) What you might want to do is have the directory owned by the owner of the site, then the group on that directory be the group the web server belongs to, then the world ownership set to no access. The owner can have full access, the group have access necessary to serve files and write as necessary, and other users can't get into each other's files.

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