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Whenever I follow a step by step guide, I have this problem:

$ sudo apt-get install something
$ sudo something
No 'something' command found

Something is installed, and I can find it with 'locate' after running 'updatedb'. But it is not being added to the PATH for some reason. Is this the normal behavior?

I'm on a Ubuntu 10 server edition box (virtualbox)

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Many commands are not in the PATH of a normal user, but are in root's path. You can either modify your PATH to match that of root's or preferrably, just specify the full path to the executable as such:

$ sudo ifconfig
No 'ifconfig' command found
$ sudo /sbin/ifconfig
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$ dpkg -L something 

It will shows all installed files by something package. Look for files that are on */bin/ directories.

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Also, run echo $PATH to see if the installation paths shown by dpkg -L something is in the user's PATH. –  cjc Feb 13 '12 at 2:14

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