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yes I now that I can have my domain reseller done that but my reseller domain.com fails to add it and when I ask them about how to add a srv record they told me to transfer my domain to zoneedit.com. Therefore they are useless in this case.

so my question is if there is any way/workaround/nasty hack to get those SRV records added? via VPS or via a free-edit-DNS-record thing?

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As long as domain hosted on domain.com and as long as domain.com does not support SRV records, there is no workaround.

Just follow the advice you given by domain.com - move your zone to another provider, there's no problem with that.

Zoneedit is a popular choice, there are others as well - see this list of free DNS providers.

Before you sign-up, check if provider you choose supports SRV records (zoneedit does).

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