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I'm working on getting a CentOS 5 system that I've successfully gotten to authenticate with AD, to automount the user home directories from AD. After searching around, I found pam_mount, which seemed to be the perfect solution. (The userbase is large enough that there's no feasible way for the automounting to be entirely listed in a file). If there's a better solution, I'm totally open to it.

After much googling, I've yet to find a method to get pam_mount installed on the Centos 5.7 box I'm working on. I looked at How can I install pam_mount on Centos 6 x86_64?, but the RPMs it pointed to just give me dependency errors and won't install. I have, however, found sources talking about having gotten it working. If anyone knows how to get it working from packages, I would greatly appreciate it.

*I know I didn't mention installing from source - we're willing to do it, but we'd like it to be a last resort. It's a campus box, and it needs to be supported for a while.

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I found the answer at - Along with the packages, from Princeton. The blog is in French, but other than a few idioms, it's completely readable.

Those packages install fine, with the dependencies noted, and work.

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