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I manage VMware ESXi 4.0 server running mix of Windows virtual machines. I've installed VMware vSphere CLI in hope to pause/resume virtual machine and copy its image to NFS datastore. I've got CLI up and running, I can list datastores, registered machines, configuration and etc, but when i try to start machine with:

vmware-cmd --config /etc/vmware-vcli/esxi.conf /vmfs/volumes/_insane_uuid_/tester/tester.vmx start

it gives me this error:

Operation cannot be performed. 

SOAP Fault:
Fault string: fault.RestrictedVersion.summary
Fault detail: RestrictedVersionFault

From brief googling this looks like problem with unsufficient licence level. Current licence is:

ESXi 4 Single Server Licensed for 1 physical CPUs (1-6 cores per CPU)

And my question is: what licence should I purchase in order to make CLI work? There won't be any change in number of CPUs, memory size or number of physical servers whatsoever.

Thanks for answer in advance.

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ESXi 5.0 no longer has these restrictions; it is essentially the full version of ESX.

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