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I currently am running a 2008 R1 64 bit cluster. Last night I get called by our first tier support that we have a failed cluster disk. At 5PM we received the following error:

Cluster physical disk resource 'Cluster Disk 1' cannot be brought online because the associated disk could not be found. The expected signature of the disk was '{f575935a-d2aa-4a6e-9345-f127ae1349cf}'. If the disk was replaced or restored, in the Failover Cluster Management snap-in, you can use the Repair function (in the properties sheet for the disk) to repair the new or restored disk. If the disk will not be replaced, delete the associated disk resource.

When I try to repair the disk I get the following error.

"No disks suitable for cluster disks were found. For diagnostic information about the disks available to the cluster, user the Validate a configuration Wizard to run Storage Tests."

None of the services are down, none of the clustered resources other than this drive are down.

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What is the status of the underlying LUN? – Eric Nicholson Mar 14 '12 at 19:13

Your disk is probably gone for good.

So replace the disk and start repair again.

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