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Monit seems to be working, but when I go to the web interface at port :2812 I get:

Not Found
There is no service by that name

monit 5.2.5


But again, things appear ok on the CLI

-->:/var/log$ sudo monit -t
Control file syntax OK
-->:/var/log$ sudo monit status
The Monit daemon 5.2.5 uptime: 11m 

System ''
  status                            running
  monitoring status                 monitored
  load average                      [0.00] [0.01] [0.05]
  cpu                               0.0%us 0.0%sy 0.0%wa
  memory usage                      645520 kB [63.4%]
  swap usage                        213128 kB [10.1%]
  data collected                    Wed Feb 15 06:27:26 2012

Any ideas?

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Can you post your monit.conf or monitrc config file? – ewwhite Feb 15 '12 at 22:21
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Here's a sample /etc/monit.conf configuration file. Make sure you have something similar to the line beginning with "set httpd port 2812 and..." in your configuration file.

set daemon 60
set logfile syslog facility log_daemon
set idfile /tmp/
set statefile /tmp/monit.state
set mailserver localhost
set alert
set httpd port 2812 and
     #use address localhost  # only accept connection from localhost
      allow localhost        # allow localhost to connect to the server and
      allow admin:monit      # require user 'admin' with password 'monit'
  check system Fruity
    if loadavg (1min) > 6 then alert
    if loadavg (5min) > 6 then alert
    if memory usage > 90% then alert
    if swap usage > 20% then alert
    if cpu usage (user) > 90% then alert
    if cpu usage (system) > 75% then alert
    if cpu usage (wait) > 75% then alert
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Thanks, I was allowing the server ip but not the machine i'm accessing it from. – 99miles Feb 15 '12 at 22:56

I had this error when I misconfigured my Nginx. After reading the wiki, I resolved monit 404 errors. Here's my /etc/nginx/conf.d/monit.conf:

server {
    listen   80;

    location /monit/ {
            deny all;

            proxy_set_header Host $host;
            rewrite ^/monit/(.*) /$1 break;
            proxy_ignore_client_abort on;
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