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We have created a VM and took a snapshot.

Then we made changes in that VM and made it as domain controller. That state also saved in snapshot.

Now i want to lock the snapshot. My intention is that i should not deleted that snapshot by mistake.

Is it possible to lock the snapshot? Or if i delete all snapshots, will it be merged with base VM?

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Those snapshots are useless. If you ever try to revert a domain controller VM to an older snapshot, it will wreak havoc on the rest of the Active Directory.

That said, there is no way (at least that I am aware of) to "lock" a snapshot so that nobody can delete it.

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Active Directory never did support rollbacks in this manner -more details @ Sync goes all over the place and AD becomes a tombstoned if you use snapshots. – Cold T Feb 15 '12 at 10:13

You could use the DCUI and change the permissions of the snap file but really DON'T do this, it would be deeply stupid.

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To add to the previous answers, snapshots should not be used long-term. They are ideal for testing changes over the short term (hours, days, maybe weeks). But keeping snapshots long term impacts VM performance, and can even fill up a datastore with delta files.

Snapshots != backups.

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