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I'm looking for rescue or live CDs for Itanium servers, but the only bootable CDs I've found are the distros installation CDs. Mainly I want to clone the servers disks, and also check memory or disk bad blocks. I've tried with the same CDs I use on x86-64 but none of them have a version for ia64. Any recommendation?

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At least the Debian text installer has a "rescue mode" giving you a shell with a handful of useful commands. It is not as comprehensive as SysRescueCD, but hey, it's precompiled for ia64. I believe Gentoo has something similar. There also is a memtest binary for ia64, but I do not know if it is part of the rescue mode shell as well.

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Debian 6.0.3 installer in rescue mode worked fine for cloning disks (I needed badblocks and dd mainly). "fdisk -l" didn't work but "cat /proc/partitions" did – golimar Mar 2 '12 at 8:18

Pretty old-school, but there's the Gentoo live CD build for ia64 from 2007.

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