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The Plesk panel associated with my Linux RHEL5 server reports the CPU, memory and disk space of the server in real time although it's not possible for me to find out which websites are consuming most of the resources. Is there any service or software that I can install in my server so that I can monitor the memory, CPU, disk usage, etc of each individual website hosted in my server through firefox or chrome?

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I don't know how to do it in Plesk, but you could seperate each website (and all its resources, CPU, Disk, Net) to its own linux user and use Accounting. This requires to run one apache per Website and wastes CPU and RAM but you should blame Heisenberg for this.

Edited to add: Linux accounting does not show statistics for currently running processes, only for those that already ended (ie it does not show cpu usage for the current apache process but yesterday may be complete).

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You can install software like cacti, munin or any other. Then you are likely to write or find some custom script to obtain the graphs you want. Parsing apache server-status gives useful metrics for each website.

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