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Possible Duplicate:
File audit in Linux: how to watch directory tree for deletions?
Find out which process is changing a file

In linux is there a command where it can say who are all the users who have accessed one partic

stat command just gives me the basic

Is there a utility where i can list of all the users or how to know the users who have done those changes

or how can a file be monitored and log these information

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in short: you want to know who's access a file ? -- try process accounting, command logging, version control, lsof, or similar. Amongst that lot there's prolly something that'll help you. It sounds like you want revision control though - see "svn". If you just want to know when the file is changed, use iwatch or similar. – Sirex Feb 16 '12 at 12:13
No not exactly ,At some point of time just want to know who are all the users who have accessed the scripts and executed it..Kind of logging system – Rajeev Feb 16 '12 at 12:16

You can try audit. This link provide information related to Centos/redhat, but it should be similar for other distributions also.

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