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I'm facing the following problem: I need to access a svn depot (https) from a machine which block port 443 output. I have a normal user shell access. I can successfully do a ssh tunnel like that:

ssh -L user@mymachinewhichhasaccesstoport443

Unfortunately the destination machine ( uses virtualhost. I guess that in order to work I need to add something like that 

in /etc/hosts of the machine which block port 443 but I don't have a root access to this machine.

Thanks for any help

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I have asked the sysadmin to add the entry in /etc/hosts and it's working fine. Anyway I'm still interested in a solution which doesn't involve a root user. – Yann Sagon Feb 17 '12 at 10:22

A solution could be to use a local ssl proxy and translate localhost/ by, some java proxies can handle SSL and hostname translation, else you can code it by yourself with socat

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