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I've installed APC cache on CentOS 6.2, but it does not seem to show any statistics?


  General Cache Information

  APC Version   3.1.9
  PHP Version   5.2.17
  APC Host  www.xyz.com (xyz.xyz.com) (
  Server Software   Apache
  Shared Memory 1 Segment(s) with 1024.0 MBytes 
  (mmap memory, pthread mutex Locks locking)
  Start Time    2012/02/16 16:30:59
  Uptime     0 minutes
  File Upload Support   1

  File Cache Information

  Cached Files  1 (456.6 KBytes)
  Hits  1
  Misses    1
  Request Rate (hits, misses)   2.00 cache requests/second
  Hit Rate  1.00 cache requests/second
  Miss Rate 1.00 cache requests/second
  Insert Rate   1.00 cache requests/second
  Cache full count  0

  User Cache Information

  Cached Variables  0 ( 0.0 Bytes)
  Hits  0
  Misses    0
  Request Rate (hits, misses)   0.00 cache requests/second
  Hit Rate  0.00 cache requests/second
  Miss Rate 0.00 cache requests/second
  Insert Rate   0.00 cache requests/second
  Cache full count  0

here's phpinfo details about apc

  Version           3.1.9
  APC Debugging Disabled
  MMAP Support  Enabled
  MMAP File Mask    no value
  Locking type  pthread mutex Locks
  Serialization Support php
  Revision  $Revision: 308812 $
  Build Date    Feb 12 2012 03:47:23

Can anybody please help me how to configure?

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I am not sure what you mean by 'it doesn't show any results'. phpinfo() does not display stats about APC. If you want to see that APC is working, use the included apc.php file, that will display the cache stats. (Or run a benchmark with and without APC enabled if you want to measure the difference in performance). –  cyberx86 Feb 16 '12 at 15:43
Out of curiosity why are you running PHP 5.2.17 when CentOS 6.x provides 5.3.3? –  HTTP500 Feb 16 '12 at 15:45
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