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Having an issue upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 LTS. Keeps failing on a package in the repo, but if I copy and paste the URL into wget, it downloads the Packages.gz, albeit after almost 12-15 seconds as I'm assuming the timeout value in do-release-upgrade is shorter than wget by default.

I didn't see any parameters you can specify to change the timeout value calling --help. Looking through do-release-upgrade script had nothing obvious as far as timeout was concerned either.

My plan right now (unless I hear otherwise from my SF brethren) is to wait until after-hours and assume that there's some network congestion somewhere between this box and the repos (which I can't check as I don't really have access to the network at this client location).

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Never found out how, but routing/network issue "went away" at the clients/ISP, so was able to do upgrade successfully without changing the time out.

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