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I started the Virtuoso service on Windows with the following configurations (this is the important part of the config file):

ResultSetMaxRows            = 10000
MaxQueryCostEstimationTime  = 40000 ; in seconds
MaxQueryExecutionTime       = 60000 ; in seconds
DefaultQuery                = select * where{?x ?y ?z}
DeferInferenceRulesInit     = 0  ; controls inference rules loading

I'm using the dotNetRDF library to make local queries to the local server. The library makes the timeout 30seconds, but I can override the default timeout by sending a connection string when starting the object:

VirtuosoManager manager = new VirtuosoManager("Server=localhost;Uid=dba;pwd=dba;Connection Timeout=500");

It still times out at 30seconds, if my query is complex enough to process in more than 30 seconds...

My project uses some complex queries, so I need the timeout property as large as possible. How can I override that property ?

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Also asked, and answered, at Answers.SemanticWeb.Com. Also asked at StackOverflow. – TallTed Sep 25 '14 at 20:00

The Virtuoso ADO.Net Provider DBcommand class has a CommandTimeout property, with a default value of 30 seconds, as detailed in the VirtuosoCommand class documentation.

This is the timeout you are hitting (not a Connection Timeout).

As of revision 2148, the dotNetRDF library allows this property value to be set as required.

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