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I've put my files in public_html but i can't access them with direct ip address? When i got to my ip it displays: "If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner..."

I'm new to cpanel and hosting stuffs, have i missed an extra step to make it work?

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That won't work because the IP address it not yours, it's the machine's. If you need a dedicated IP address, you'll have to request one from your hosting provider, and likely pay more for it. –  David Schwartz Feb 17 '12 at 7:47

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No. Simpl set - normally web servers use the domain name to distribute to different virtual hosts. As such, accessing via IP only is not working. Point.

Either give it a dedicated IP address and set it up (if necessary by hand) not to bind to a host name, or get a domain (the "right one") pointing to the Ip or use a hosts file to remap the domain name to the IP. But i things are set up to use virtual hosting servers (which is standard) then sorry, IP access does not work. The request must contain the proper host name / domain name for the web server to kno which site to serve.

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Most likely, accessing your content via a non-DNS-URL is not possible.

What you have is called "shared hosting". This means that your provider has placed several customers' web sites on a single server. Thus, every web site on this server has the same ip address. The DNS names are all resolved to the same ip address.
When a web browser accesses one of these sites, he send a request containing the desired site name in the host value, so the web server can identify where to look for the content.


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You should probably get in touch with your host's support team for these sort of questions.

Typically, you receive an e-mail that has your cPanel account name, password, as well as something like "Temporary Webpage URL" which you can use to access your website until your DNS resolves in the form of:

The "account" in above url example is your user name of cpanel.

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