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I would like to setup hudson on a ec2 micro linux instance. My question is exactly how to configure hudson after i install it remotely via ssh on the ec2 instance. I would like to configure using the hudson web gui. When I have done this locally, this was available at http://localhost:8080/hudson. what about through ec2? and what about security?

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It will be available at the external IP address of the EC2 instance, which you can find for example in the AWS web interface. You might also have to configure a security group to allow access to port 8080 and add that instance to that security group.

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You could setup an SSH tunnel to route a local port to 8080 on the remote side. I'm afraid I don't use Linux at home enough to explain the process there, but via PuTTY:

  1. Choose the connection
  2. On the left, go to connections -> SSH -> tunnels
  3. Tick "local ports accept connections from other hosts" and "remote ports do the same"
  4. Add source port 8080 and remote port
  5. Connect via SSH, then open http://localhost:8080
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