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I've been trying to figure this out for an hour... how to get a total bandwidth graph (showing all network traffic) in Munin? I just installed Munin, got several plugins added but what I'd really like to see is this:

I don't want to just track apache, because it's for a game server. I've been using vnstat but I really to see long-term graphs.

A previous question was closed because of this:

how to get a total bandwidth graph in munin

But the info here doesn't work. I've tried it already - the first example only looks at http bandwidth and it's not what I want and the second example kills my munin install as an invalid config option.

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FWIW after >2 years, the bandwidth_ plugin on should be able to do this. I'm not entirely sure whether this is what you want since the link you posted is broken.

The bandwidth_ plugin shows a cummulative graph of the bandwidth used in e.g. a month.

I was stumbling accross this question as I cannot get my bandwidth_ plugin to work.

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