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What are the Linux (64-bit) repositories can I use to get HAProxy 1.4.19?

I keep getting 1.4.8 as the latest version for Debian Squeeze AMD64. There are a lot of fixes on the latest version and I want to get it.

I have the following repositories in my sources.list:

deb squeeze main
deb-src squeeze main

deb squeeze/updates main
deb-src squeeze/updates main

Does always getting 1.4.8 only mean anything? Could it mean that there are compatibility issues with the latest version? I looked thru the documentation but I didn't see any exceptions with regard to app-OS-version compatibility.

I'm a Linux newbie and still have a lot of catching up to do. Please excuse my questions. :)

I'd appreciate any advice.

Thank you very much.

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Does always getting 1.4.8 only mean anything?

That is normal for a stable version of Debian, and most Linux distributions. When a version is released the packages versions are basically fixed, and no upgrades happen aside from backported security patches.

What are the Linux repositories can I use to get...

As far as I can tell from doing some searching, there are none. You are going to need to build from source or build your own package.

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There is no way, as of right now, for you to get a Debian package newer than 1.4.15 from any repo. It is possible, of course, that someone has manually packaged it, but that would be difficult to find. See the package search results.

You could backport 1.4.15 from Sid to Squeeze. This isn't terribly difficult, but can be confusing if you haven't done it before. See this FAQ for more info.

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