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Where can I add and configure a login script for each user in SBS 2011?

For example, I to map a drive for a user-specific folder. I do not want to use folder redirection.

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That's massively unsustainable. Ideally, you should use folder redirection. Why aren't you?

If you must use a script, You should craft a single script that uses variables and a sane folder structure on the share. For example, if the folder layout is \\server\share\userFolder you could get it done in a one-line logon script that reads:

net use z: \\server\share\%username%

You would link this in group policy under User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts

Make sure that wherever you store the script, all users have access to it via share and NTFS ACLs.

If you really must do this, you can define a logon script in ADUC for each user here:


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What about mapping a home folder to drive letter? – John Feb 20 '12 at 15:12
@John In my example, it would map the folder to the letter Z:. You can replace Z: with whatever other letter you want. You can also use the Home Folder field in the same screenshot that I posted above. That said, it's antiquated and you really shouldn't use it. – MDMarra Feb 20 '12 at 15:14

As you are using SBS 2011 therefore it has to new Group Policy feature Group Policy Preferences, which I have used just last week to do exactly this.

I had heard about GP Preferences and used this tutorial to carry it out

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