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The main user account for a web server (domain@domain.com) is not used for email at all, but receives a lot of spam. I'd like these messages to just :fail:. I've tried adding a .forward file for the account with ":fail:" in it and emails to the account are bouncing instead of failing. The email is processed by the server instead of being rejected at the SMTP negotiation. I can confirm that this rejection works as it should if you try to email a fully non-existent user (no-account-here@domain.com)

Is there a way, I can get email to the main account to fail at the SMTP negotiation? We are using Linux with a DirectAdmin install and Exim.

Thank you for your time.

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I don't known how DirectAdmin manages the exim configuration, but it should be easy to modify the configuration to drop all emails to domain@domain.com with an ACL like:

  . . . 
    log_message = matches domain@domain.com
    recipients = /etc/exim4/filters/recipients_drop.list
  . . .

and then put domain@domain.com (and, if needed, others addresses which should not receive mail) into the file /etc/exim4/filters/recipients_drop.list

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Thank you, this worked perfectly. –  user955664 Feb 20 '12 at 17:44

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