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I would like to launch my stack using a keypair that is created as part of the CloudFormation.

Is that possible?

"Resources": {
    "ReverseProxyKeyPair": {
        "Type": "AWS::EC2::KeyPair",
        "Properties": {
            "KeyName": "reverse_proxy"

was a guess, but hasn't worked. I haven't tracked down a schema for CloudFormation to say this isn't possible.

Most of the examples assume a KeyPair has already been created - I assume because there's only one chance to download it, at creation-time. But I'd like to dynamically create one, and then use it as an Output and dump it into S3 (say).

Or, is this a silly idea?

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This is a list of all the resource types supported by CloudFormation; a key pair isn't listed:

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