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Getting below exception while executing for Tomcat. Please help me to resolve

Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

I'm using RedHat Linux, tomcat version is 6.0.26

When I use java simply I face the same exception.

I set the JAVA_HOME and path varaible in /etc/profile as

export JAVA_HOME  

export PATH  
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Generally this error means one of two things.

  1. The searched-for class definition existed when the currently executing class was compiled, but the definition can no longer be found. This could be as simple as somebody renaming a .jar file. Can you ensure nothing has vital has changed in the path?

  2. Some other script is overriding Classpath environment variable. Can you run you try running java explicity with the -classpath option with the classpath you believe will work?

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Actually I did a mistake. I downloaded a .bin file for linux from oracle site and extracted in Windows then deployed in Linux. Instead of this, I extracted the .bin file in Linux itself to resolve this. Basically JVM was corrupted when that error was come – Selvakumar P Feb 21 '12 at 12:30

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