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I need to be able to use .htaccess, PHP 5, MySQL 5 on new configuration.

While I was looking for a way to increase server performance, someone suggests me to change my current system, Apache + Plesk, to Nginx with PHP-FPM, APC setup. I wonder if I can use this system considering my needs above ?

I don't have much information about managing server etc. So please let me know if I need to add something else here.

Thanks for your patience

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nginx doesn't support .htaccess; all configuration needs to happen at the main server level

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Yes, you can use NGINX to serve PHP sites backed by MySQL. It's not quite as simple as Apache's support for PHP, but it's not terribly hard, and is well-documented on the web.

Look into PHP-FPM

Check out and to start

When all else fails, there is always the documentation:

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Thank you for the generous answer. I think I cannot use the new system with Plesk, can I? – nahha Feb 21 '12 at 16:39
I can't say; I have no experience with Plesk. – gWaldo Feb 21 '12 at 17:06

Nginx can run circles around apache in a fraction of the resources if configured correctly. Plesk usually has nginx installed, but from the ones I have seen, it' used as a proxy.

You have to install php-fpm to use nginx+php and it is quite a bit more involved than setting up apache with mod-php. If you don't have access to the shell, where you can compile from source, stick with apache.

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