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We have a PFSENSE installation with a few physical interfaces defined: - LAN - WIFI - SERVERS - New Requirement..... read on

The new requirement has been laid out by a supplier, they require access to their equipment, which is all attached to a DrayTek Router/Firewall. The WAN interface of the Draytek is attached to the interface in the PFSENSE machine, via a dedicated switch.

DHCP tells me the Draytek has pulled the address which I reserved for it. But the NAT rule for https and http doesn't work (they work fine on the other networks). Am I missing something fundlemental?

Anyone got any ideas on troubleshooting the issue?

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picture of PFsense FW rules for the new network and picture of you nat rules would help – Ninja Feb 21 '12 at 13:19
I THINK I need to switch the New Requirement interface 'DIGI' to bridging mode, so it gives the external static IP to the Draytek router attached to the PFSENSE Interface. Any advice? – Stuart Feb 22 '12 at 9:32

My approach was wrong, I setup the interface to bridge, works great.. PFSENSE Bridge on of the Network Interfaces

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