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We encounter performance problems with OWA.

Indeed, many users have about two hundred folders and subfolders.

Here's how to reproduce the problem: In owa,right click on an email. Click on "Move to". At this point,the window listing the target folder stakes about 40 seconds to display.

The tests were conducted on the LAN, WAN,on multiple computers (IE7,IE8 and IE9,Firefox),WinXP Pro and Win7Pro. In all cases the problem appears.

If the same operation is repeated just after the first one (within a few seconds)the window is displayed instantly.

We assume a performance issue on OWA AJAX requests while listing folders of a mailbox.

How to improve this? Can a configuration/parameters change solve that ? Has someone already encountered this problem?

How has he done to resolve it?

Thank in advance for your reply.


  • Drag n drop work perfectly
  • Typo Errors corrected
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How are you doing on RAM for your Exchange server? –  ewwhite Feb 21 '12 at 12:56
We have 16GB (11GB used, 5GB free). –  Kortex786 Feb 21 '12 at 13:51
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