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On my mailbox server, I am receiving the alert:

MSExchange Calendar Attendant\Requests Failed

Or in Solarwinds

Requests Failed (Calendar Attendant) for Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Counters (Advanced) on *servername*

All I know is this figure should be 0 at all times. Currently I am at 2 and this is the only alert on the Exchange servers. No where I can find how to resolve this. How can I fix this?

thank you

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How do you know for sure that this figure should be 0 at all times?

I would take a look at this technet article:

It lists a variety of solutions on the bottom. Also note that this article specifies 100 as the warning threshold, not 0.

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It seems Technet has conflicting information:

Calendar Attendant Counters

The following table shows Calendar Attendant counters.

Counter Description Threshold MSExchange Calendar Attendant\Requests Failed Shows the total number of failures that occurred while the Calendar Attendant was processing events. Should be 0 at all times.

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