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As title says, the ganglia page is defaulting to cluster report, which is quite ugly as it is attempting to mesh the 2 clusters together. Both ganglia/?c=kvmsrvGrid and ganglia/?c=unspecified work fine.

I'd like it to look like this:

Instead it looks more like this (with kvmsrvGrid):


data_source "unspecified" localhost:8649
data_source "kvmsrvGrid" kvmsrv5:8650 kvmsrv4:8650

gridname "unspecified"

edit: Ganglia version 3.1.2

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Finally figured out the answer. If you only have one cluster it defaults to this cluster view. And for some reason a cluster named "unspecified" doesn't count toward the number. Renaming "unspecified" to "servers" fixed the grid view.

data_source "servers" localhost:8649
data_source "kvmsrvGrid" kvmsrv5:8650 kvmsrv4:8650

gridname "unspecified"
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