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We have two load balancers, one used as hot-standby. Would you recommend me using a RAID1 setup in case of a harddisk failure? Or is RAID1 not needed as in case of a failure the hot-standby server takes over?

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It's Murphy: as long as you have a well-maintained RAID 1, nothing ever happens. Try having a server without any disk redundancy, and it will crash and burn at the worst possible moment. (Been there, done that ;)) – Piskvor Feb 22 '12 at 11:08
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Personally, I would use RAID1 in this case (actually, we do have an HPC cluster here with a similar setup: two master servers, one of which serves as standby; both have RAID1 disks). If the machine is important enough for you to pay for an HA pair, the minimal extra costs for RAID1 should not be an obstacle.

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If the disks are non-RAIDed and the hot-standby goes active for whatever reason, a simple broken disk on that server will disable your whole setup, making your whole work useless.

In other words: When doing that kind of HA setup, I would consider a RAID essential. It's not that more expensive to justify the added risk (IMHO, of course).

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