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We currently have 4 squid proxy servers in no specific hierarchy. Some of which are experiencing intermittent DNS issues where we receive the following error:

"The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL."

However, if I point my browser to a different proxy server and reload the page, all is OK.

As a fallback for any future DNS issues I would like to configure squid's cache_peer setting to automatically query another proxy server if the hostname cannot be resolved locally.

I have attempted to configure cache_peer as below:

cache_peer    sibling    8080    0    no-query
cache_peer    sibling    8080    0    no-query
cache_peer    sibling    8080    0    no-query

After a squid -k reconfigure, my cache log shows:

Configuring Sibling
Configuring Sibling
Configuring Sibling

When I browse to my troublesome URL, I get the same error, and this shows in the access.log:

1329952290.176 22100 TCP_MISS/503 1663 GET - DIRECT/ text/html

Can anyone help me out with this? Not sure what I'm doing wrong here!

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