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I have an HPUX NTP Server. It is the server for a dumb client device that has NTP built-in. I can tell the client the server IP and interval but cannot get any logging out.

How do I know if NTP syncronization is taking place.

Ordinarily, I would go to the client and run:

ntpq -p

but in this case the client can't do that. Is it possible to get a list of clients syncronized with my NTP server from the server itself?

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tcpdump port 123 ?

ntpdc -c monlist might also work as well, though I don't have a ntp server handy to test.

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ntpdc -c monlist works properly here under various distribution of the ntp 4.2.4 release. – Magellan Feb 23 '12 at 0:33
I would add a -n to your ntpdc as well, just to speed things up, if you don't have reverse DNS setup for all your hosts. – Zoredache Feb 23 '12 at 0:38

You can check for traffic from the device to be sure synchronizing is attempted (named in the other answers) but the device still has to do something with the answer. Without (remote) logging or some status display you can't say for sure the device is synchronized.

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