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How can I get a rowcount for all tables in MySQL. I can do this databases by database if that is easier.

The purpose is to do a cursory check on my database replication that was just setup.

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try mk-table-checksum instead. docs might be scary but together with mk-checksum-filter it's very useful tool.

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If you are want to check on your replication setup, have you considered using:

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./mysql -utest -ptest dbname -e 'show table status\G' | awk '/Name/ {name = $2}; /Rows/ {print $2"\t"name}' | sort -gr

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I found this article to be a very crisp and clean way to retrieve all the tables along with their row counts.

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This answer would be more useful if it went into more detail about the solution in the linked article. Links often go away; if this one does, this answer becomes useless. – pjmorse Dec 14 '12 at 2:04

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