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I'm sure this is a simple question but I've spent a long time Googleing to no end. I'm simply trying to send an email from commmand line in OpenSuse12.1 using a "default" mail program that is available on most standard linuxes. As I understand it 'mail' is that program, but that only returns 'command not found'. I've searched for mail in Yast but only came up with lots of third-party programs.

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Postfix is installed. Sendmail is not. Could this be the problem? – Isius Feb 24 '12 at 3:53
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Sendmail and Postfix are Mail Transport Agents (MTAs), you want a mail user agent (MUA).

The package you are looking for is called mailx.

However - mail has an arcane and awful user interface, so if you want anything more than sending email from the command-line I highly recommend using mutt or alpine instead. Additionally, if you want to send attachments using the command line, mutt is a much better option.

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