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say I have the following bash script that finds all error.logs gives them a header and then tails 5 lines below it..

for ERR in `find -name "error.log"`;
    echo -e "---- LOG: $ERR ----";
    tail -n 5 $ERR;

I would like to have it output like so:

---- LOG: foo/error.log ----
    [error ....]
    [error ....]
---- LOG: foo/error.log ----
    [error ....]
    [error ....]
---- LOG: foo/error.log ----
    [error ....]
    [error ....]

where the tail'd section is indented some amount of characters (e.g. 4 or whatever a tab character is)

How would I indent that specific section out output?

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Pipe your tail command through sed:

tail -n 5 $ERR | sed -e 's/^/    /'
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There are many ways. One might be to simply pipe through sed or awk and add some space.

cat syslog | sed -e 's/^/    /'
cat syslog | sed -e 's/^/\t/'
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