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I have a server running Debian Squeeze with the latest updates. I tried to set up the sudoers file to allow the user www-data execution of a specific shell-script as a specific user. I used visudo for this and added the line:

www-data ALL=(img) NOPASSWD: /path/to/script/

Then I tried to call it as user www-data (I su-ed from root to www-data first):

sudo -u img /path/to/script/

To my surprise, it still asks for a password:

[sudo] password for www-data:

I expected NOPASSWD: to take care of this?

What really puzzles me: I have another server with the same setup, where it works without password. Also, I have other similar permissions on the same server that also work without password.

I even added the line

Defaults:www-data       !authenticate

with visudo (just to test, I don't want this). Then, when I tried again, I got the (contradictory) error message:

Sorry, user www-data is not allowed to execute '/path/to/script/' as img on servername.

How can I get make it execute without having to supply a password (and without giving any more rights to www-data)?

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Turns out, nothing is wrong with the above setup. In my tests, the script encountered a directory where the user img lacked permissions, which caused the result as described.

While it all works now, I am still a bit unhappy about the unhelpful error message / behavior of dash (default non-login shell).

I'll leave the post, might be helpful to others.

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