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I'm trying to automate the user creation process for VMs.

Currently I follow these steps manually on vSphere Client:

  1. Click Inventory
  2. Click Node
  3. Click Local Users & Groups Tab
  4. Right Click -> Add
  5. Enter Login and Password
  6. Choose "Users" Group and Click Add
  7. Click OK
  8. Click a VM
  9. Click Permissions Tab
  10. Right Click -> Add Permission
  11. Click Add
  12. Choose the user I created from list
  13. Click Add
  14. Choose Assigned Role "Customer" (I've created this role earlier.)
  15. Click OK

I'd LOVE to automate this process by a command like:

addvmuser --login test --password test --group Users --role Customer --vmid 501

Preferably on SSH so I can code a script for it.

How to do it?


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Installing vSphere CLI sounds like a good start, I'll answer the question when I get a solution.… – ispirto Feb 25 '12 at 14:26

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