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I am based in the UK and need a new web server for a small ecommerce site. It is not big enough to need separate database and web servers, so everything will sit happily on a single machine.

I have been getting a few quotes, but thought I would see what people think is reasonable for a low to medium spec dedicated server (Linux)?

If you were ordering a new server today, what features would you want from the hardware and the hosting company?

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It depends on the requirements of the business. If uptime isn't paramount, you can get away with a basic system with no redundancy, just make sure you have a backup and a known-working plan to restore it. For example, I have two servers with SoftLayer here in the United States. One is in Dallas, and one is in Seattle. They each run about $120/mo with Windows. Their Linux servers are cheaper, but the hardware is the same. Basically a single processor, 1GB of RAM, and a single SATA hard drive around 250GB (way more than I need for my purposes). Prices vary and go up from there. Expect to pay extra if you need features like having them handle backups, hardware firewalls, etc. You can get a virtual private server for less, but I've found that full dedicated servers are generally more reliable (in my own experience anyway).

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